How do you want to be remembered? What do you value more?

I was talking with my husband the other day about mobile phones, he has an iPhone 6 he bought directly from an Apple store in 2014 when it just came out. I noticed it was off and wasn’t reacting to my attempts to turn it on. I asked if it was broken but my husband didn’t think much of it and just though the battery needed recharging as usual. With an odd hunch I asked whether he backed up all the data and photos, nope was the answer of course.

He didn’t have to wait long before his phone decided it was time for a final battery charge and just a few days later it officially retired from duty without notice. I couldn’t help myself

I got so angry with Apple. This phone was bought about 4 years ago and very well taken care of with no scratches or scuffs whatsoever and it broke just like that. To top it my husband didn’t even use it that much as he had a business phone for daily use.

I was sitting there, boiling inside and remembered a conversation I had with my dad a few years ago when my washing machine broke down. He was telling me how it wouldn’t be an issue 15-20 years ago as things were made to last. And even if anything broke back then you could have it easily fixed.

So where am I going with this?

I guess I’m upset with our mentality, with how the western economy makes us spend money on goods and services affecting our priorities. I mean just think about it a new iPhone or any other modern mobile phone costs about £1000 and it’s a totally regular thing for many people to upgrade their phone every year. We don’t question spending this sort of money on a small piece of metal, even though it will be technologically outdated within a few months and binned/replaced every couple of years.

Now on the other hand when you think about it, how much do a beautiful set of photos cost when you book a professional photo session for your family? Photos that will bring joy and pride displayed in your home for many years to come and will be eventually passed on for generations treasured more year after year. Can you even put a price tag on something like that?

I couldn’t stop thinking about, how easy it is for the economy to lead us into a spiral of decisions where we’re forced to increase our expenditures without much consideration. Personally, I think £1000 is a ridiculous price for a mobile phone, yet so many people wouldn’t question it at all. But when it comes to professional photography it’s so obvious for many people to search for cheap services or skip their investment altogether.