Being a mum myself I know how important is to have family photos. As much as I adore our framed family photographs and photo albums we can look through together with the children, I know this enjoyment of the present moment is only a fraction of the story behind the importance of preserving family pictures. Having family photos on display right now we can enjoy a beautiful home décor, revisit tender moments spent together as a family and appreciate that warm reminder that we are being loved and we’re blessed with wonderful people to love. 


But in a few years time, these photos will become true treasures and a memory in itself, a memory of having THIS particular family photo on the wall over the table in the dining room, or a family album on a coffee table that was flicked through on cosy Autumn evenings. They will turn into something truly special, that our children will recall in adulthood visiting their family home with their own children one day. 


Nowadays we’re used to taking photos without mobile phones and it’s an absolutely great way to catch these important moments. I have thousands of photos on my mobile as well. But it’s simply impossible to dedicate all focus to stay in the moment connected to your loved ones and take a good photo even with best selfie skills.


This is where professional family photography finds its place, capturing images where you can fully relax, tune into your family and express your authentic self. Professional photos where you can see your beautiful natural self and know this is the way you want to be remembered by your children and grandchildren.

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